Vitamin C Serums

In ground-breaking research a pathologist and a cell biologist and cytogeneticist verified the effectiveness of the topical application of L-ascorbic acid in maintaining smoothness and elasticity to the skin. Vitamin C Serums were based on these scientific findings and 20 + years later we see the results in patients that have used C Serums daily for years: it helps neutralize the visible effects caused by the destructive forces of oxyradicals. But you don’t have to use it for years to begin seeing the effects: After 8-12 weeks of daily use, the skin's surface will feel smoother and firmer while deeper wrinkles will appear much less pronounced. Older and prematurely aged or sun-damaged skin will begin to look, act, and feel like younger skin. We often prescribe C Serums to complement other skincare products. Please note: Over-use of this and any product we prescribe is discouraged. We recommend you see us 2 times each year to be certain you are using the correct products in the correct way, and that you are taking advantage of the newest in product technology. Call us for a complementary analysis today at 608-829-7779.