Dermal Fillers

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As we age we lose collagen and the volume that supports the face and neck begins to fade. Our safe and effective dermal fillers fill and correct the lines, folds and depressions around the mouth and nose, plump lips and smooth "smoker's" lines. The volume is restored beneath the skin instantly softening and even erasing those lines. It plumps up skin that has lost volume creating a completely natural look that lasts. And it stimulates the body to produce collagen without the external use of collagen so there is virtually no risk of allergic reaction. We use a palette of fillers, the best on the market today, depending on your needs. Each filler has a distinct consistency and by using one for lips, another for nasolabial folds, and yet another for forehead creases we give you the longest lasting more natural feeling dermal fill.

Lemke Facial Surgery SkinCare101 Dermal Fillers