Complementary cosmetic facial consultations are scheduled with Lea or Wendy in our Madison Office. These comprehensive discussions are a good way to begin your research into solutions for your needs. Call 608-829-7777 or 800-405-FACE (3223) for an appointment. You may schedule a free, initial cosmetic consultation (15 minutes) with Dr. Lemke to allow you to meet us and to learn whether our services might be desired. Alternatively, you may schedule a comprehensive cosmetic consultation (about 1 hour) with Dr. Lemke to receive detailed information. To make an appointment at a specific office location, please call the telephone number listed under the Practice Locator tab. Also listed are the addresses of each of our office locations. For general information, or for information regarding Dr. Lemke's schedule, please call the Madison office at 608-829-7777 or toll free at 800-404-FACE (3223), or email us.